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Milk Tests for Johne's

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National Milk Laboratories (NML) advocate a variety of testing strategies depending upon an initial disease risk assessment in collaboration with your veterinary advisor. Bulk milk is not recommended for screening as a low test result can be misleading.  

It is interesting to note that for one testing strategy - the 30-cow millk screen, NML recommends that the cows chosen for the screen should be those most likely to be infected and they rank these in order of priority as:-

  • Between 3 and 7 years old
  • Repeat high SCC or mastitis cows
  • Cows affected by lameness
  • Cows demonstrating a drop in milk yield
  • Generally depressed individuals.
  • This suggests that MAP infected cows are most likely to have other performance issues.

    As per the blood serum ELISA test, antibodies produced by the cattle in reponse to MAP infection are detected in the milk and the results reported on a low, medium or high category status.

    For more information, visit the National Milk Laboratories or National Milk Records websites.